3 Questions Digital Series with Bernadette Jiyong Frank

An interview from Art in Embassies 3 Questions Digital Series with Bernadette Jiyong Frank, who speaks about her creative process and artwork at the U.S. Ambassador’s residence in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Relics for the Future, virtual walkthrough

An online reception for ” Relics for the Future” at NIAD Art Center curated by Jessica Snow. Saturday January 8, 2022.

Inside the studio 2020

In this video, Bernadette Jiyong Frank takes us into her studio where she works on new pieces for her July/August 2020 solo exhibition, “Time Shadow.” Watch as she glazes, sands and builds hundreds of layers of paint onto the surface of her panels. The result is striking geometric abstractions that are both solid and ethereal.


‘Time Shadow’ is an exhibition of recent work by Bernadette Jiyong Frank. Her highly layered compositions are notable for their striking geometric abstraction, effecting a multidimensionality that is both solid and ethereal. Though they exhibit strong formal parallels to natural phenomena, her paintings also move beyond the visual realm to one that can only be experienced with eyes closed.