"Each features atmospheric layers of thin, translucent rays, painstakingly brushed on and dried, one ray a day, to produce a kind of transcendent refraction that has turned Frank’s ongoing series into a hit."


Is San Francisco America's New Capital?


Celebrated Living | American Airlines Magazine by Jonathan Curiel, March/April 2017

"Frank’s repetition of translucent light...becomes artistically hypnotic, turning the canvases themselves into meditative works of art."


Interludes: Mathematical Formulas Meld with Abstract Paintings in Three New Shows


Jonathan Curiel, SF Weekly, June 2014

"...Frank’s paintings encourage us to transcend the visual limitations of everyday reality to commune with the rich, empyreal contours of our worlds and ourselves."


Spaces in Between, Dolby Chadwick Gallery


Essay by Frances Malcolm, June 2014

"Jede Malschicht bricht das auftreffende Licht wie durch aufeinandergelegte Glasscheiben, die Farben verändern sich fast unmerklich in einem ganz sanften Übergang...."


Ihre Malerei speichert das Licht (in German)


Augsburger Allgemeine by Alois Knoller, September 2015

"[Die Bilder] ziehen den Betrachter irgendwie an sich und laden ihn ganz sanft zu Überlegungen ein."


Ein meditatives Betrachten (in German)


a3KULTUR by Iacov Grinberg, October 2015

"Jeder Farbauftrag erfolgte mit geradezu technischer Präzision – einen expressiven Pinselduktus wird man hier vergeblich suchen, geht es doch nicht um die Oberfläche, sondern um die Tiefe."


Spaces in Between, Galerie Beate Berndt


Opening Speech by Dr. Stefan Hartmann, Augsburg University, September 2015 (transcript in German)

"These paintings are exciting experiments in seeing by reproducing the dynamic optical changes that occur in the eye... These are impressive, skillfully executed paintings with an enduring depth and range of interest."


Old Friends-New Faces, Triangle Gallery


 Frank Cebulski, Examiner, February 2010


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